The one where Julian was a frat boy

Today, in celebration of the launch of my book, the Parent Bloggers Network is hosting a blog blast. This means that anyone who wants to should blog on the chosen topic and then send them the link. They post all the links so that everyone can enjoy each other's post on the topic. And today the topic is... activities for a mom's rookie year.

Keeping this short, the story is that Heather and I put both of our sons in her car and tried to go to a kid-centric cafe in a neighborhood a little outside our familiarity. We do such things just because we like a good challenge. If you don't get the challenge here, you probably haven't tried to install a rear-facing car seat in someone else's car while your baby climbs on you. It turned out the cafe was closed, so we decided what we needed was a beer.

Knowing that any place that serves food with their beer probably has high chairs, we went to a family restaurant/sports bar and plopped the babes in two high chairs and ordered two beers.

Then Julian puked. But only on his own shirt.

I grabbed him out of the high chair and ran out the door of the pub. I held him over the gutter where he puked again. Classy.

Then he was fine. He seemed unbothered by having just emptied his stomach. So, I cleaned him up, put him back in his high chair, and finished my beer. I think this is known amongst the fraternity set as "boot and rally", but I went to a women's college on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, so I am not totally sure.

And that, my friends, is just one of many adventures on which I took Julian during his early days. To read more from other parents reflecting on their rookie year, check out the blog blast write up on the Parent Bloggers Network. If you have a blog, share your best, bizarrest, coolest, whatever rookie mom year outing and win some prizes (all weekend long).