A glimpse of the future

I spent a lot of time with my mom this week. Now that I have a daughter, I think it makes us both think about the past, when I was a baby and she was a young adult, and also about the future-- what will it be like when my children are grown?

The more Julian talks to us, the more hypotheses we are able to make about what his future profession might be.

Used Car Salesman
Walking by a full parking lot.
Julian: That's a Honda, that's another Honda, that's a Lexus. That's a Prius. A Prius is a Toyota.

Lactation Consultant
I sit down to nurse Scarlett.
Julian: Take out your breast for her. There you go. Now, you need a pillow?

Advertising Creative
I am wearing a thick, red bathrobe, but decide I don't have time to shower, so I begin dressing.
Me: I changed my mind. I'm not going to take a shower now.
Julian: You still have your red towel on.
Me: Actually, it's called a bathrobe.
Julian: Actually, it's called a shower robe.

Executive Recruiter or Matchmaker
He has been whining.
Ryan: I don't like whining and Mommy doesn't like whining.
Julian: Does Scarlett like whining?

A moment of silence passes.
Julian: What do you think, Mommy?



Auntie Em

Emily stayed here for a few days last week. Thank god. She woke up in the morning with Julian for three mornings in a row. Anyone who wants to do that is welcome to come stay with us.

When my friend Mary stopped by and met Emily, she remarked that we talk alike. We believe this because we've heard it before, but it's a funny thing since we are almost nine years apart and have never lived together. Other notable similarities between us: picky eating, not very tall, and a strong affinity for customizing t-shirts.

Apparently my dad carries the DIY gene.


Less a leader than a follower

Since Julian has gotten old enough to socialize, we've noticed that he's more often found imitating his friends than recruiting them to get into any two year-old-style mischief that he's come up with on his own. If one of them starts rolling around on the grass, he'll roll around on the grass. If someone else blows bubbles in their milk, he'll blow bubbles in his milk. However, if we go to the park and he doesn't see any friends there, it's quite likely that he'll just sit on my lap for twenty minutes before engaging with the playground. And now, he has started a phase of being completely unable to make a decision.

Me: Do you want water, juice, or milk?
Julian: Can you pick for me, Mommy?

Since my dream for him is to become a rock star of the indie or punk variety, I was hoping he'd have some charismatic leader qualities. But I'm starting to think he is unlikely to be the front man.

Me: What color sticker do you want, Julian?
Julian: Which color YOU want, Mommy?

Perhaps the overwhelming responsibility of big brotherhood is burning him out.

Julian: I'm going to sing now.
Me: Ok, what song are we going to hear?
Julian: Can you make a request?

I guess he's just not very independent at the moment. Perhaps he'll get by on his looks.