Less a leader than a follower

Since Julian has gotten old enough to socialize, we've noticed that he's more often found imitating his friends than recruiting them to get into any two year-old-style mischief that he's come up with on his own. If one of them starts rolling around on the grass, he'll roll around on the grass. If someone else blows bubbles in their milk, he'll blow bubbles in his milk. However, if we go to the park and he doesn't see any friends there, it's quite likely that he'll just sit on my lap for twenty minutes before engaging with the playground. And now, he has started a phase of being completely unable to make a decision.

Me: Do you want water, juice, or milk?
Julian: Can you pick for me, Mommy?

Since my dream for him is to become a rock star of the indie or punk variety, I was hoping he'd have some charismatic leader qualities. But I'm starting to think he is unlikely to be the front man.

Me: What color sticker do you want, Julian?
Julian: Which color YOU want, Mommy?

Perhaps the overwhelming responsibility of big brotherhood is burning him out.

Julian: I'm going to sing now.
Me: Ok, what song are we going to hear?
Julian: Can you make a request?

I guess he's just not very independent at the moment. Perhaps he'll get by on his looks.


McKay 4 said...

First of all, Julian will definitely get by on his looks no matter what.

Secondly, it may just be a phase. His leadership skills may just be bubbling under the surface.

And lastly, the scenarios you've described sound great to me. When I give Lucas choices, he's just like me and orders off the given menu.

Emily said...

I agree he'll easily get by on his looks. Good genes and all.

And every girl generally falls for the drummer, anyway. The front man's typically a jerk.