We're baaaack

After 4.5 months in a rental, we are back home. Sure there are still boxes in the office (totally my responsibility) and the trim is not entirely painted (because I freaked out about the color and told them to stop painting), but it's nice to be here. Really, it's more than nice. It's delightful. I love our neighborhood and I especially love parking in my own driveway. I love that Julian can play in his room while Scarlett is napping in her own room. I love that we have tons of light, a closet large enough for our clothes, a toilet for each person who uses toilets around here, and a dishwasher and garbage disposal. I'd say we did fine without all these things, but it is incredibly relaxing to have them all.

In order to take nice pictures of the new space, I would have to put away all my clothes and things, and since that's never going to happen, I will leave you with a taste of the paint colors.

I love them so much that I can't think of a title for this post