At the MakerFaire this weekend, Julian got to sit on an oversized swing set, enjoy a private concert of kids music, decorate a chocolate-covered Oreo, and ride this merry-go-round made of bikes.

Scarlett did these activities as well, minus the Oreo, but probably won't remember them next year.

The cool thing about this ride is that the inventor just made it for fun. No business model here; just the smile it puts on the faces of the riders.


No use crying over it

Scarlett helped herself to a half-gallon of milk that was sitting on the table. Yes, pretty much the entire half-gallon.

As a result, we have ditched the dining room rug. FLOR tiles, maybe we'll try you again in a few years.

Then she and her cousin had a pretty good laugh over it.


It's Birthday Week

1973 part 1
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Just when I was thinking of quitting this blog, I was inspired by my own birthday.

I am going to be 36, the age my mom was when I was 13. I remember her being this age and sometimes feel that I'm imitating her, borrowing her voice and way of talking, her handwriting and her style. But I also keep in mind that I'm now double the years she was when she married my dad. So maybe I'm actually becoming my grandmother. I'm not sure.

Looking at these pictures of 1973, most of them not mine, is a blast from someone's past. The art and home furnishings are terrific. Or are they terrifying?

Picture from a Swedish magazine Husmodern 33/1973

Inside of a 1973 BMW

Datsun (I had one of these...)

Me and my dad, plus me in my crib with the plastic bumpers

So, what do you think? 1973 is the year of awesome, right?