Auntie Em

Emily stayed here for a few days last week. Thank god. She woke up in the morning with Julian for three mornings in a row. Anyone who wants to do that is welcome to come stay with us.

When my friend Mary stopped by and met Emily, she remarked that we talk alike. We believe this because we've heard it before, but it's a funny thing since we are almost nine years apart and have never lived together. Other notable similarities between us: picky eating, not very tall, and a strong affinity for customizing t-shirts.

Apparently my dad carries the DIY gene.


Krista said...

What a great Blog ! I'm not stealing (lol !) just looking & seeing the neat ways ppl. like yourself have set up...I'm sooo new to computers & have a new blog now but I need to learn so much / can I ask you how you posted the title in your blog ? Did you create it with some software then upload it to the blog...I'm so nosey ! (not really ...just curious ) thanks and take care, krista xxx

HeatherK said...

Your I-was-pregnant-a-month-ago comment on Sweet Juniper cracked me up. You're pretty funny, and your kids are so cute it hurts, especially the new one. :)