Since my parents always delight in hearing about the baby-centric adventures I have in Berkeley, I have to post this picture of Scarlett at her first yoga class, at five and a half weeks old. For $14, you spend two hours in a yoga studio with your baby, doing poses for your own well being and performing infant massage on your baby. Babysitters are on hand to cuddle your baby should she become bored with the spa-like experience she's receiving.

At this particular post-natal massage class, each student's station has a yoga mat for Mom and a cozy pillowy bed for baby. A bottle of massage oil, a clean washcloth, and a soft toy are set up, right next to your yoga brick and strap. When Scarlett got fussy, I was offered my preferred brand of swaddling blanket, and once she was calmed, an extra set of arms to rock her to sleep while I downwarded my dog and saluted my sun. At some point during the class, the instructor says something about how special your baby is. One mom was told that she looked like she needed a hug, and given one.

I'd love to go to yoga class tomorrow, but I have an appointment for another Berkeley baby task, a fitting with the Nursing Bra Nazi at Cotton and Company.


dawn224 said...

Oh, that's blissy. Even the Nazi nursing bra people in a way.

I do love the baby yoga, even if Alex just whines his way through it, all the other moms are in the same boat and sometimes the class is a chorus of baby grumbling - but at least we're all in it together :)

VDog said...

OMG, this sounds AWESOME!! Thank GAWD there are people like you who spell it all out for the rest of us (rookies).

I swear, I need a mental picture and general idea of what is going to happen before I commit to doing something. If it is totally unknown, I most likely will not do it :( silly, silly me.

Ok, girl, it's on!