Shameless self-promotion

If you are as anxious to get your hands on a copy of my book as thousands of first-time moms must be (ha!), go ahead and pre-order it on Amazon!

Heather and I got our advanced copies in the mail yesterday and we are super duper excited! The illustrations, by Amy Saidens who we have never met, are really cute, and Ryan even has a credit as the photographer of the author photo in the back jacket.

Wish us luck with sales!


Grandma M said...

How exciting, Whitney!!! I have already pre-orderd my copy and can't wait to see yours on my next visit...love, marilyn

Anonymous said...

I have pre-ordered 3 and I am sending them to multiple addresses! -SS

Sarah said...

Yay Whit! I have several friends who are expecting and this will be a great part of their shower present!


VDog said...

So I just emailed asking when it comes out -- now I know! Congrats! You both deserve it!!

And at 10 bucks? I can get one for all the moms on my list! Woot!