Why 4-year olds are weird:

They make up languages
They wear rain boots in the dry summer
They stick their fingers in their noses absentmindedly
They come in your room at 3 am to invite you to come into their rooms
They want to eat rice with their fingers
They don't believe it is wonderful to be invited to lay down for an hour in the middle of the day
They make 5 or 10 horizontal lines in their capital "E"
They say "nipples!" and giggle when their shirts are off

Or maybe it's just ours.

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Teti Family said...

LOL! When our son was 4 he had one of those plastic spring horses and it would sing when you rode it, so we would be shook out of bed to Jimmy and his horse at odd hours of the night. It made my husband and I almost insane. Everything always started with "Hey guess what" too!