Why these new pics are brought to you by Facebook

Through Facebook, I recently hooked up with an old friend from gymnastics/jr high, Sharon Montrose. I learned that she is a professional photographer in LA and I instantly fell in love with her work. She specializes in animals, especially dogs, but also shoots kids for various parenting publications. I don't even love dogs (I only like them okay), but Sharon makes them look so charming.

(You can buy this piece from Sharon on Etsy.)

So, I asked her to write up some tips for RookieMoms.com, which she did. Now we have a delightful photo tips page.

I was myself inspired to take a different approach to snapping pictures of my kids by looking at Sharon's work. I just took a bunch of pics of Scarlett in the tub where I focused more on capturing the event and the aesthetics of the bathroom setting as a backdrop to a toddler's exuberance in the tub. I dropped the obsession with capturing her eye contact and smile. I think I got some great shots in terms of composition. (They are a bit grainy due to the lighting challenges of the bathroom.)

Tell me which ones you like

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Emily said...

2, 4, 6, & 7 with number 4 as my favorite. You're lucky to have such an adorable subject.