In the eye of the beholder... or Sunset Magazine

A long time ago, when Julian was a little baby, I responded to a post on the Berkeley Parents Network. The editor of Sunset Magazine's Great Baby Rooms book was looking for gender neutral nurseries to photograph for the next edition of the book.

Guess what? We made the cut.

There are two photos from J-dog's room in the book, which came out one year later. I am particularly proud of the first one because I planned and painted the stripes on his wall myself, and bought the monkey clock just before the photo shoot because it didn't seem quite finished. Who knew that "monkey clock" would become one of the first terms Julian recognized?

The upper right photo on the above page is from our house. The others are not.

I cannot find the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It seems they only carry a previous edition. It is available at Allbookstores.net.

The lower right photo in the page above is from Julian's room.

(Paxton's room is also featured. But I am too lazy to deal with photos for sharing it with you.)


McKay 4 said...

wow, great job whitney!

RookieMom Heather said...

You should write more about decorating kid's and baby's rooms on your favorite website for new moms. Love it!