Mom-to-Mom Tutoring

Yesterday I had the thrill of watching my friend Sarah learn a critical parenting technique: Underdog.

If you don't know, Underdog is when you push a child on a swing and then duck under the child and run underneath the swing. The child squeals and asks for more. If you live in Berkeley, your child might even throw in a Baby Sign for "more". We have no idea how a less-than-two-year-old even knows to ask for Underdog treatment, but Sarah's daughter, Gabriella, was definitely asking.

Sarah turned to the crowd and begged for help. Rachael stepped up and showed her what to do. She literally held Sarah's hands in the correct placement and physically moved her through the motion. It was like watching a dad teach his child how to ski on the mountain. Rachael was a masterful tutor. Sarah practiced her new skill with ease and comfort.

I felt like a witnessed an important event, this transfer of knowledge. Is this what the village is for? Underdog?

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