Where credit is due

As Ryan knows, I really like to get credit for things I do. I am not the anonymous donor type. I like to get credit for my ideas and accomplishments.

Julian is all about giving credit right now, to himself and even to me. If he does something, he will usually say, "Juja did it". If he jumps, he will say "Juja jump."

Yesterday, after a minor struggle, I located a song on a CD he was asking for. While I tried to find the right song, Ryan was quelling the whining, telling Julian that I was looking for it. When I started the song, he was satisfied and said, "Mama find Trot Old Joe*".

Today, I got unexpected credit for the same accomplishment. We were driving along, through Berkeley, and when the treasured song begin to play, he acknowledged without prompting "Mama fixed it."

Yes I did. I fixed it.

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