Birthday 2.0: King for a month

It's birthday month in this house, and I believe that one's birthday month should be packed with all kinds of special activities. Julian's really kicked off yesterday with a trip to the zoo and then a birthday party for him and all of his mom's group buddies. In the next 14 days, eight of them will hit the big 2.0.

We parents had a great time watching our nearly-twos bang into each other, bang into walls, and shovel chocolate cake into their mouths. Julian wore his fabulous purple crown to the party.

If J-dog really knew how to take advantage of his birthday month and act like royalty, here's what I think he'd decree:

  1. All meals should consist of three courses: bunny crackers, scrambled eggs, and yogurt with infant cereal mixed in. Please stop presenting unfamiliar foods to me.
  2. If we are getting in the car, the destination ought to be Totland. There is no reason for any other outing.
  3. When I say "again," everyone will oblige my request. I might say "again" ad infinitum. The words "this is the last time" shall never be spoken to me.
  4. Going to school every day is acceptable, however Mommy shall stay there with me the whole time. Daddy too, for that matter.
  5. The ban on drawing on materials other than paper shall be lifted.
  6. I will be allowed to watch videos of myself as a baby for many hours each day.
  7. At all times, my comfort objects "Paci" and "Quackers" should be nearby. They are currently imprisoned in my crib, and I need unlimited access.
Since he cannot express himself in such terms yet, he's stuck with the choices I make for him. Such is the life of a two year old. Stay tuned for more birthday adventures.

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Holden said...

Happy Birthday Julian - I think your ideas are the greatest!