An Apron for Amanda

Sounds like a children's book title, doesn't it?

It was Amanda's birthday last week, so I made her an apron. Her birthday party was an ice cream social, and the creative Miss Pxpxnikolas made the ice cream herself (her privacy is being protected from curious high school students who might be googling her). Since she's not typically a domestic goddess in the kitchen, I thought it would be nice to reward her efforts with a related gift. (This might not sound logical, but it makes sense to me.)

I bought fabric that I thought went with the ice cream theme, and here are the results.

Apron-making is sort of a trend right now among the craft bloggers, and you can see some amazing ones in this Flickr pool.

Giving handmade gifts is on my List of Things I Like To Do and Want To Do More Often. Amanda's birthday always inspires me.

P.S. My t-shirt in this picture is a handmade gift from my little sister.

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